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Montegrosso is an Andria hamlet, in the Barletta-Andria-Trani (BAT) province. Montegrosso is located in the Murgia, surrounded by a wonderful and wavy naturalistic frame.

It was founded during the fascist period, by the Opera Nazionale Combattenti who built colonic houses. Nowadays the village is inhabited by farmer families and it is home to farms, agritourism and typical restaurants, which have contributed in the last few years to raise the hamlet. That’s why during summer this village is a destination for millions of tourists..

Castel del Monte

A few kilometres from Montegrosso, it shows up the impressive Castel del Monte, built directly on a rocky ground, it’s universally known for its octagonal structure. The Fredrick house was inserted in the Italian national monuments list in 1936 and in that of Patrimony of Humanity (UNESCO) in 1996.