Bonizio Farm has achieved the basic certifications that attest to its commitment to bringing organic products to the table that meet all the criteria, olive and wine growing, harvesting, processing of raw materials and packaging, valid for obtaining official certifications.

Our olives, our extra virgin olive oil as well as grapes and wine obtained the BioAgriCert certification in 2019 which certifies our products as organic.

Our organic oil

Coratina cultivar extra virgin olive oil is an elixir of long life.
A real concentrate of health, thanks to the presence of antioxidants that fight free radicals, the cause of cell aging and numerous pathologies.

This ability is enhanced by the purely biological aspect.
One of the few agricultural products, derived solely from a fruit by simple mechanical extraction and grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers according to the European regulation.

The quality of this “fruit juice” is given by the delicacy with which all the processes are carried out: organic cultivation techniques, harvesting in the right period, ie at the right veraison, and the pressing carried out within 24 hours of harvesting.

Our wine

The management of our vineyards takes place following the techniques of organic farming, that is, with the application of various physical methods rather than chemical ones, and the use of naturally biodegradable products, coming from organic sources also produced by us. Doing organic farming means expressing the true potential of nature by eliminating the causes that hinder it, all in a sustainable way.

Our honey

Our wildflower honey is produced from beehives in our organic farm. The territory on which the bees graze for the collection of wildflower honey is located in a strategic position, between the hills and the sea.

Our wildflower honey collects all the aromas of flowers and herbs typical of the Murgia, a unique area in the world.

It is a honey with a classic wildflower flavor. Delicate with generally fine crystallization and easily spreadable.

Every year, the millefiori has peculiar characteristics that make it unique.
So it is possible that it will come in a different color or flavor depending on the crop.

In the summer, the freshly harvested honey is liquid, crystallization will occur when the environmental temperatures drop.