Apulia Wine


The Bonizio company can count on outstanding wine production . Nero di Troia, Primitivo, Fiano, Moscatello, Fiano and Montepulciano preserve colours, fragrances and typical flavours of each variety, enhanced by the business philosophy of Pierluigi Bonizio, owner of the company, who, like his dad and his grandparents, decided to transform organic agriculture into an actual lifestyle, which combines every aspect of the territory: land, history and culture.



Apulian Organic Primitivo

Biacco, a type of snake, who lives in the Murgia , is dedicated to those who know the time worth and the waiting; to those who live on pure emotions; to those who are born from the passion and primordial worths; to those who love simple acts, full of love and respect. With Biacco, Bonizio organic agriculture offers to the palates and the most exalted hearts a Primitivo which tastes like the determination and the hundred years, the wisdom of Montegrosso inhabitants, a small authentic village in the heart of the Murgia, whom for ages grew grapes and produced organic wine, following the rhythm and nature’s needs.



A territory full of natural sources



Nero di Troia Biologico

Piovanello, a type of bird who flies over the Karst plateau of the Murgia, is a red wine, produced by Troia grapes, which testifies to the strength of land devoted to agriculture, the respect for the environment and the love for nature and for its time. Bonizio winery for generations commits a true love feast for the lovers of a good glass of wine, deep red in colour, with a strong flavour, at the same time superfine, and with an unmistakable scent of red and purple fruits.


A stay in nature

Country House

Experience the atmosphere of an authentic small village,
the division of the Seasons between Vineyard and olive grove.

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